6 Nations Halal Industry Forum @ Taiwan

Bringing together Halal industry players from Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand & Philippines,  this forum enables the discussion on the state of the Halal industry in each nation and the way forward.

Focus Discussion Group @ Jakarta

Organised by the Bank of Indonesia, SuChi Halal Consultants shared our expertise on the framework of Halal and Muslim-Friendly Hotel Industry.

JAKIM Halal Festival

HALFEST JAKIM is JAKIM’s official platform to promote the products and services of organisations that have received the SIJIL PENGESAHAN HALAL MALAYSIA (SPHM) to stand out among the crowd. And we are there to help promote their products to the Singapore Halal market.

Forum Group Discussion @ Lombok

Organised by Indonesian Tourism Office (Singapore Branch), we are invited to a Focus Group Discussion on Muslim-Friendly Tourism with the participation from lecturers from Lombok Tourism Polytechnic.

Syariah & Halal Festival @ Batam

SuChi Halal Consultants shared our expertise with the local entrepreneurs on the potential of Halal market beyond the island of Batam, Indonesia.

Halal Business Potential Across 3 Nations

A recent talk organised by HLinks Resources Sdn Bhd, of which we are a part of, explored the vast Halal business opportunities across Indonesia, China and Singapore. This sharing session was held at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia by experts from each nation.

Karya Kreatif Indonesia

Another event where SuChi Halal Consultants collaborated with Bank Indonesia in providing advice and guidance to SMEs at Jakarta during Karya Kreatif Indonesia at The Jakarta Convention Centre in July 2019

Business Opportunities for Aceh

Another collaboration with Bank Indonesia in facilitating import of products from SMEs at Aceh, Indonesia. SuChi Halal Consultants provided guidance on laws pertaining to Singapore Food Laws and Regulations, Labelling Requirements of Food Products and also on latest trends in Branding and Packaging of Food Products.

Penetrating the Singapore Market

SuChi Halal Consultants, under the auspices of Bank of Indonesia, help to facilitate export of food products from SMEs in Indonesia to Singapore.


Our very own event by Halal Cafe and Restaurant in Singapore (HCRS) group in collaboration with HAO Halal Hub and curated by Mak Besar SG.
This is probably the first foodie group, and probably the largest on social media that brings interaction online to onsite / offline. SuChi Halal Consultants are appointed as the official Halal Consultants for the event.
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