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A Booming Global Halal Market

SuChi Halal Consultants are here to help you to tap into the expanding Halal market with a population that is estimated to reach almost 29.7% of the world's population by 2050. No longer restricted to food products, the halal market has evolved to include an entire value of commercial activities such as finance, travel and pharmaceuticals. Many big corporations have established themselves as key players in the halal business due to its size and potential. Don't get left behind!

Singapore Halal Market

Tap into the ever growing local Halal food sector. Driven by factors such as cosmopolitan make-up, high purchasing power and close proximity to Muslim majority Malaysia and Indonesia, there is an increase of 57% in Halal Certified premises in the past 5 years.
Source: MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore)

10 Reasons Why Eateries Go Halal

In Singapore, its halal food industry has gained importance as a globally recognised halal hub due to the country’s tourism and business location; stringent food safety laws; and recognised halal standards.
Increase market reach including overseas market 

Enlarge customer base

Eligible to partake in Singapore Government Tenders (GeBiz)
Increase customer confidence

Peace of Mind on halal status of food ingredients and materials used on the menu
High Visibility among Muslim Tourists

Higher Preference among Non-Muslims looking for halal foods

Preferred Choice among Corporate & Community organisations looking for halal foods 

Online listing on MUIS Halal Directory 

Eliminate doubts among Muslim customers 

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Let us help you to realize your dream to tap into the huge Halal market.

Among Some of Our Clients

Get more opportunities for your business by going Halal.
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