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These videos are aimed to provide answers to queries pertaining to Halal matters and Halal certification. If you have any queries, feel free to drop us a Whatsapp message at +65 9787 3651.
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Ep 1: Why the need for Halal Certification?
Ep 2: Halal Certifying Body in Singapore
Ep 3: Is Halal Certification compulsory?
Ep 4: Are food prepared by different ethnic groups in Singapore Halal?
Ep 5:  Is No Pork No Lard considered Halal?
Ep 6: How do we know that an eatery is Halal without Halal Certification?
Ep 7: Can anyone use the Halal logo?
Ep 8:  Why do eateries apply for Halal Certification?
Ep 9: Why do Muslim-owned eateries apply for Halal Certification?
Ep 10: How to apply for Halal Certification?
Ep 11: Foods that Muslims Should Be Mindful Of

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